Methylation and Pregnancy webinar

Methylation and Pregnancy webinar



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This webinar is for TCM practitioners who want greater understanding and insights into how to support their MTHFR patients through fertility, pregnancy and post partum.

MTHFR diagnoses are becoming more common, and many patients have a keen interest in finding out about their genetics. Whether you have a full genetic profile, or just the MTHFR status of your patient – there are special considerations for patients who are embarking on a fertility pathway. Methylation is a process that is closely linked with DNA replication – and there is a whole bunch of that happening during pregnancy. Ensuring your patients who are most vulnerable to the problems of disordered methylation are well cared for before, during and after their pregnancy will help to protect both them and the health of their child.

And of course, having an understanding of what is happening from a TCM point of view helps to make it even more relevant, because there are quite a few TCM treatment approaches that are far superior to that of any conventional or holistic medical approach. An integrative approach will give your fertility and pregnancy patients a more comprehensive treatment strategy that will optimise their health during this time, and give you more confidence to provide them with the full support of TCM alongside their usual obstetric care.

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