TCM View of Common Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals and their Clinical Application

TCM View of Common Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals and their Clinical Application


3 hours
3 CPD points

This webinar is for TCM practitioners who want a deeper understanding of how supplements, minerals and vitamins work from a TCM perspective.

Many TCM practitioners find it difficult to understand what is going on for their patient when they report their list of supplements that are either self prescribed or prescribed by their Integrative GP or naturopath. Some practitioners happily outsource all thinking and analysis of supplements to the other practitioner, whilst others ask their patient to discontinue all supplements in order to provide them with Chinese medicine treatment. Somewhere in between are other practitioners with some understanding of some supplements, no idea about others, and totally unsure where to start in terms of identifying what might be helping their patient and what might be making them worse.

That’s where the information in this webinar is targeted – to the practitioner who wants to be able to offer some insight to their patient about their supplements.

  • to help your patients reduce the number of supplements without reducing clinical outcomes

  • to identify supplements that might be making your patient’s condition worse

  • to identify supplements that aren’t providing any real benefit to your patient

  • to know the signs and symptoms of deficiency of common minerals and vitamins

  • understand which forms of supplements are better absorbed, and which forms are better suited in certain circumstances

  • understand what on earth is going on from a TCM point of view, and how herbs, acupuncture and food therapy fit into this equation

  • to know how to get the best outcome for your patient by knowing the types of scenarios that TCM is better, when supplements are better

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