Clare Pyers
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Hi, I’m Clare

I work with patients who have not been helped by other health care providers. I listen to patients who have sometimes never felt properly listened to before. I support my patients to heal on all layers of their being as they work towards reaching optimal health.


clinical approach and experience

Clare is known for her expertise in the area of women’s health, specifically with women who have complex health problems. Her practical problem solving approach to exploring your health concerns is designed to also bringing harmony to your mind and soul.

She takes the time to understand her patients, looking thoroughly across everything that has been done before to ensure she helps you to find the most effective path forward.

Clare has worked in the health industry since 2001 in both mainstream and natural medicine settings. She has a broad educational background including Chemical Engineering, Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Yoga. Clare integrates all her previous knowledge and experience to offer you an in-depth assessment of what you need to heal.

Clare knows what is worth spending time, effort and money on, and what is not. When you see Clare you see someone who has in depth education, extensive clinical experience, and someone who is unafraid to give her opinion on what she thinks is a waste of time and what she assesses to be the best way for you to heal yourself. She knows how hard it is to have symptoms that doctors don’t believe are real, and to have your illness dismissed as being all in your head.



Clare hosts a podcast for Chinese medicine practitioners, exploring a range of topics that are relevant for colleagues in her field. Whilst the topics are targeted for health professionals, many patients have found some of the episodes to be informative and engaging.

Take a listen: Heavenly Qi podcast.



published author

Clare is a leader in the industry of Chinese medicine, having written the first comprehensive textbook that teaches practitioners how to translate between the paradigms of Conventional, Functional and Chinese medicine. She is considered an expert in being able to explain the way these 3 different ways of understanding health and illness overlap with one another.


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“My patients tell me all the time they wish they had met me sooner, and that their life is so much better than they could have ever imagined now that they feel well. I have a reputation for getting results for people with chronic or complex health conditions that haven’t been able to be solved by anyone else.”

If there’s something not going well for you in your health – and you want to be in the hands of an expert clinician with 15 years experience in the health industry – please schedule an appointment today.

Appointments can be made online, or by phoning the clinic during business hours +61 3 9013 1777.