The Number One Fertility Problem

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The number one fertility problem and how to address it

Not a lot of people know this but right now, the biggest barrier to conceiving is the sperm. Whilst every man feels virile enough that he feels like he could inseminate all the women in the known universe. The reality is there is an ongoing global decline in all sperm parameters that is affecting all men.

Because we’re not talking about this problem with the sperm, the majority of the focus with fertility treatments – even with natural medicine practitioners – is on the female partner. Any male factors get overlooked, when it’s equally important to work to improve the fertility potential of both partners.

The problem is – whilst it’s easy for some, couples everywhere are struggling to get pregnant and it’s damaging their relationships. She’s busy taking folate and checking her ovulation and going to appointments, and meanwhile he’s sidelined on the bench without a gameplan. He feels like not much more than a sperm donor who is expected to perform on demand at the right time of the month. And feeling helpless with the monthly disappointment of the news that they’re not pregnant. The result of these two factors is the couple often suffer a massive disconnect within their relationship. A large percentage of relationships eventually breakdown if their fertility problems can’t be overcome. And they’re not given guidance on how to best approach their fertility journey in a way

Equal focus on both partners is what is needed.

We’ve seen this struggle happen time and time again with our clients, and so we’ve created our program that helps our clients address every challenge they are likely to face on their road towards optimal fertility.

Our 7 step program covers everything needed to get both partners in a state of optimal fertility in the quickest time possible:

  1. Getting you in the right frame of mind,

  2. Optimising your diet to enhance fertility

  3. Making sure your exercise program is supporting your reproductive health

  4. Stress management without the kumbaya

  5. Detailed review of your home and workplace to help you avoid exposure sperm killing and hormone disrupting chemicals

  6. The best quality natural medicines and supplements from around the world

  7. Regular review to make sure we keep you on track

He gets to be the hero of the story, and she gets her night in shining armour. And the best chance possible that they will be able to finally conceive the baby they hope for.

All of this has you under the ongoing care of a team of expert practitioners who are all specialists in their field, on a uniquely tailored program for you and your partner.

The end result is that

– your overall health and vitality will be improved within 30 days

– women will have a pain-free perfect monthly cycle within 90 days

– men will have supercharged sperm with improvements in all parameters in 100 days

Over the next 7 weeks we will cover in depth each of the 7 aspects of our fertility program.

Clare Pyers