Blood Test Results Are "Fine"

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Your blood test results that come back as “within normal limits” actually spell out all your health problems in black and white.

Over the past 15 years I have seen literally thousands of patients who are coming into the clinic for help with a particular health problem, who have had tests done only to show there’s nothing wrong. Thousands of patients. The beauty of Chinese medicine is being able to make a complete assessment with our pulse diagnosis systems, tongue diagnosis as well as other signs and symptoms. Our comprehensive diagnosis and treatment approach is what brings so many people to our natural medicine clinics, especially when conventional medicine has no answers to their health problems. We can help them get better even if nothing is medically wrong with them.

I started to get suspicious after a few years of treating people who were sometimes really profoundly unwell but supposedly all clear on their blood tests. So I started asking to see my patients blood test results. Majority of the time their results were within normal limits but they were often very close to the top or bottom of the reference range. Sometimes there were one or two readings that were just outside the normal range, but in isolation were considered by their doctor to be either insignificant or only warranting a recheck in a few months time.

It still seemed like something was missing, so I started to read into the research to see what the studies were saying about various health problems and related blood test results. What astounded me was that the reference ranges in the studies were not the ones being used by the labs. Then I found some more information published by some functional practitioners about some of their ideas about optimal reference ranges. I recorded a whole bunch of ideal reference ranges based on the research and from some of these functional medicine texts, and started applying that information in clinic when looking at my patient’s test results.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

There is was, in black and white, all my patient’s health problems were spelled out in their blood test results. Their test results were within normal limits, but they were well outside the limits for optimal health. And as they got better their numbers all came back into range. I was able to save them time and money by getting clues about health problems that would normally cost $100s to test for and weeks of waiting to get the report of findings. I could easily tell from a simple series of blood tests if someone had burnout, poor digestion, lingering infections, stress, if they were eating enough vegetables, if they were eating too much sugar, even if they were breathing properly or not.

My patients now get awesome results when they work with me, because in addition to assessing how they are feeling, as well as their pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis, we can also measure the progress of their treatment and don’t fall into the trap of stopping too soon. Having a close look at the blood tests means we’re unlikely to overlook something that might end up being a really big problem down the track. The only downside is that looking closely at your test results means there’s not much wiggle room with the truth – if you’re eating too much sugar, or not eating veggies, or digestion is not great then it will show up in the test results. However, a practitioner who knows exactly what you’re up to can support you better than one who doesn’t get to hear about the things you are doing that can prevent you from getting better.

Make sure you work with a practitioner who knows how to analyse your blood test results with the optimal reference ranges for health.

Clare Pyers