Gall Bladder Flush

Malic acid. Li dan pai shi wan + gallus triple for a few weeks then swap to wen dan tang. Acupuncture to fix the reactivity on gall bladder extra point. Wen dan tang for longer term. I will sometimes do a "gall bladder flush" if there are signs of stagnation affecting digestion/middle jiao.

Digestive enzymes are a bit of a bandaid. Best to work on the underlying reasons a person isn’t making their own digestive enzymes, or what is stopping them from digesting their food properly. Zinc deficiency is common. Gall bladder not working 100% is also common and this can also affect the pancreas. Clearing out blockage in gall bladder can help a lot with leaky gut people.

They are useful though but think of them more like using crutches to walk better whilst waiting for your leg to heal. Digestive enzymes are helpful in the short term whilst you work on the underlying cause for lack of digestive fire.

85% of all methylation in the body happens in the liver so to fix methylation you always need to help the liver to function better.

Gall bladder flush will clear pancreas and gall bladder - flushes out the common bile duct which is where pancreas deposits amylase/lipase/protease. Don't need to have an actual stone in gall bladder to have sluggish gall bladder function or inflammation in gall bladder. You can check pancreas extra point as well to see if there is reactivity there as well.

My basic gall bladder protocol that can be used for anyone with stones, sludge or an otherwise unhappy gall bladder, without having to drink olive oil and epsom salts and spend 24 hours next to a toilet.

Can be used to help:

- hormonal imbalance especially in women in their 40’s

- regular blood sugar

- support digestion of fats

- clear sludge/stones/"blockage" from gall bladder.

Yes, you can get it as a powder, but beware that malic acid is very acidic and taking it for any period of time is going to risk the enamel of the teeth. I recommend people take the powder for very short term only. The tablets are far better I think. You'd probably risk very high blood sugar levels and weight gain to eat enough apples for the malic acid which is equivalent to 2 litres of apple juice per day. It is better for most people to take the tablets. Apple juice only for people desperate to help their gall bladder with no access to the tablets.

Clare Pyers