TCM Fertility Basics

TCM Fertility Basics



2 CPD points

This webinar is for practitioners who want to get a foothold into working with fertility patients, and who want to get a good grasp of the basics of treating fertility cases.

It can be overwhelming the first few times you do an initial consult with a fertility patient. There’s a lot of information that practitioners need to know, but there’s no real list, and it’s easy to miss vital pieces of the puzzle. There’s a lot of information to gather, and a lot of patient education that needs to occur. This is especially so if they’re undergoing IVF treatment. Knowing all the drug protocols and what effects they have from a TCM point of view is important to know if you want to give a good treatment – but it can be difficult to find reliable information about what this all means from a TCM point of view.

This webinar will give you a solid understanding of the basics, so that you can forge ahead with treating fertility patients with a higher level of confidence.

  • TCM understanding of the menstrual cycle and female reproduction

  • The importance of BBT charting

  • Male reproduction from a TCM point of view

  • Understanding the energetics and nature of fertility drugs from a TCM point of view

  • The information you MUST gather from your patients

  • Working with patients who have endometriosis, PCOS, amenorrhea

  • Working with patients with impaired sperm function

  • Herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment protocols for each stage

  • Supplements that can be useful for your patients

This webinar is designed to cover off the basics for practitioners who are at graduate level, or who are new to working with fertility patients, or for those who want to fill in the gaps in their foundational fertility knowledge. Resources and recommendations for further study will be given for those who wish to extend their knowledge, especially into working with difficult cases of autoimmune fertility problems, recurrent miscarriage and other special cases.

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