Pathology Testing for TCM Practitioners Webinar

Pathology Testing for TCM Practitioners Webinar



  • Many practitioners don’t know where to start with writing pathology tests for patients.

  • Some practitioners lack the confidence in being able to interpret their patients’ test results.

  • Maybe you’re unsure how to decide when to do testing

  • Many practitioners are not sure which are the most relevant tests for TCM practitioners


  • This seminar is designed to be a 2 hour brain bootcamp to cover everything you need to know about lab testing for TCM pracitioners

  • Which tests TCM practitioners need, which ones are not needed.

  • Which labs to use. How to set up an account. What are the costs

  • How to get copies of your patients results

  • How to interpret the results, turn it into a clinical treatment protocol

  • When to test. When to treat first. Tests are expensive – so how to use patient’s money for best clinical outcomes

This webinar will give you the confidence to be able to interpret your patient’s test results with confidence, and recommend additional testing or follow up testing if required. Know when you need to get tests done, and when it isn’t necessary.

The specific blood tests we will cover are:

  • All general bloods (all that are covered in my book and app)

  • Functional bloods like

    • zinc, copper, caeruloplasm

    • methylation/mthfr bloods

    • genetic testing

    • saliva hormones

    • hair testing

    • stool testing

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