Foundations Of Integrative TCM

Foundations Of Integrative TCM


Do you want to know where to start with being able to read your patients blood test results and turn them into a useful Chinese medicine treatment approach?

In the Foundations of Integrative TCM webinar you will learn how to intepret the following conventional lab test results into our Chinese Medicine diagnostic framework:

  • Liver Function Tests

  • Cholesterol

  • Vitamin D

  • Iron

  • Homocysteine


  • Female Hormones

  • Inflammatory Markers

As well as these functional pathology test results:

  • Food Allergies/Intolerances

  • Hormone testing: Saliva vs Blood vs Urine

  • Parasites

  • Mental Health

  • Pyroluria

  • Zinc, Copper, Caeruloplasm

  • Heavy Metals

  • Hair Testing

  • Stool Testing

 NEW UPDATED CONTENT FOR 2019 - Clare will be sharing her latest clinical insights in this live webinar. Recording will be available to watch later for all who register for the webinar.

Clare covers the basics of the theory, but will primarily delve right into the practical info that’s going to leave you with immediate skills to look at your patients blood tests with confidence and turn it into a Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment protocol. As a clinician in full time practice, Clare is very interested in giving information that is immediately practical and supports other practitioners to be able to provide more value and support to their patients.

Prior to studying Chinese medicine, Clare studied Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. The result of combining these two very different career paths gives Clare a very practical, scientific approach that she integrates seamlessly with her heart centred and soul focused style of clinical practice. Translating between Chinese medicine and the language of modern, scientific language is now something that has now become second nature for Clare, and her eloquent explanations of this complex topic have been highly regarded by audiences at industry events such as WFAS and AACMAC.

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