Treating Thyroid Conditions Masterclass

Treating Thyroid Conditions Masterclass

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2 Day Seminar on mastering how to treat patients with thyroid problems.

Thyroid problems are incredibly common in Australian patients, and particularly so in our female patients.

The majority of thyroid patients are suffering from hypothyroidism, and put onto thyroid replacement hormone. And of these women with hypothyroidism, majority of those patients have autoimmune thyroid disease – Hashimoto’s disease, for which there is no conventional treatment currently on offer that helps to target or switch off the autoimmune process.

There are many components of a successful treatment protocol for patients with thyroid disease, it’s important to cover all the essential bases with your patient and leave no component unattended.

It is important to give the right advice to your patients so that you can avoid inadvertently making their condition worse. Crucial information around diet advice, supplements and lifestyle can make or break your treatment plan for thyroid patients.

Clare will discuss the many aspects of thyroid disease that are often overlooked, or poorly understood, and she will help you to become aware of and correct the common mistakes made by health practitioners both in mainstream and natural medicine treatment approaches.

Clare will be covering in detail:

  • understanding the physiology of the thyroid gland and the endocrine system back to front, inside out

  • interpreting blood test results for thyroid patients

  • understanding thyroid medications and conventional treatment approaches

  • addressing autoimmunity

  • helpful and harmful dietary factors for thyroid

  • essential supplements for thyroid patients

  • harmful supplements

  • crucial lifestyle factors for healing the thyroid

  • herbal medicine treatment approaches

  • acupuncture treatment approaches

  • supporting thyroid patients through fertility treatment, pregnancy and post partum

This 2 day seminar will answer your questions around treating thyroid patients, you will gain greater confidence to bring back with you to clinic in knowing how to effectively care for your thyroid patients.

9am-5pm Friday and Saturday October 11th and 12th, Melbourne

13 CPD points

$595 earlybird for tickets purchased prior to June 30th 2019.

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